Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest

Friday, April 01, 2011

End of March

Our first warmer days drew the kids outside again for fun in the trees and garden.
The boys were especially diligent in working on our garden plot!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The middle of March

This past week-end we were able to have a little exhibition on Mt. St. Helens and the geological changes. After one of the men in our church initiated the project by procuring permission to have a table, Bradley put many hours into research, contacting the museum in Washington, preparing the notebooks and brochures. It was a blessing that many people stopped by to take a look and a number of good conversations took place. Today we finished an interesting project. We had found a 3-D puzzle last week, 500 pieces. It was quite an experience, but we enjoyed putting it together. The butterflies were on four levels and in moving your head to find pieces, it did created a swaying sensation! :) We love the finished product. There were many other helping hands, but we three happened to be there when the puzzle was finished. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Marching through March

Time is flying and rather than recover the past months on the blog, I will just pick up here with current events. :)
Danielle with Pinnochio in Berlin :)
Our German cross-walk buddy! The girls near the East Side Gallery in Berlin!
Our play ground opened up again with a few new activities. :)
The first week-end in March was the annual board meeting for Camp. It coincided with our niece's 17th birthday, so we drove down to camp as a family. We took the time to visit a town along the way that produced bells, and as we found out, too, textiles for many centuries!
We were really only at camp for a day, but we used the morning to clean up some rooms.
Looking better already. :)
Dalene (above) and Lavonne and Donia (below)
Some worked outside with the beautiful new rakes sent over by my brother and his family to help with all the leaves! :)
Much better! :)
A wood splitter, lent for the week-end was a great help in getting wood ready to dry for future use!
The men took time to walk around and consider the future needs and plans for the camp.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

September 2010

Getting the new little mower going
Fixing together is so much fun!
The finished office
Dustin turned 11!
Max and Danae's engagement party with the family in Greenville
Donia's surprise vistors
Starting the project of redoing the boys' room
Danielle learning to read German with her Daddy
Evelyn and Naomi :)
Carol and the cakes at the birthday party
The young people enjoying games together
Laura and Donia
Jenga---lots of fun
Donia's bithday date with her daddy. :)
Re-doing the boys' room for their fall birthdays.
Dustin worked on the lights.
Donovan loved wall-papering!
We attended a special film showing at the local university.
There was so much interest that we sat in the very front on the floor.
It was a very well-done presentation of Creation
That night it was raining heavily.
The finished product
The corner with the beds

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Separate Ways

Donia painted the mascots for camp that Danae had drawn. Danae flew over with Grandpa who was coming to the first Spain camp. A happy reunion at the airport. Bradley and Dalene left as leaders for that camp on the 9th of July along with Donia and Doreen who were campers at the same camp. The rest of us headed to Camp Impact to be there while Kevin and his family was gone taking part at camp. (Though we had others come at various times, too.) Clicking on the title will show an album from the first days.

July 2010: Time to say Good-bye

The end of June and beginning of August we were responsible to take T. Höppi's dog out. She has been getting increasingly weaker, and was not able to walk her dog anymore. In August the dog was placed in the home of a young lady who had walked the dog some years back. That was a real answer to prayer. We enjoyed a good evening with Derek before he left. Our farewell lunch with Devon in Magdeburg (Behind Devon and Bradley is the market place in downtown Magdeburg.) At the airport in Berlin. Going up to check in. Derek and Nika Grandpa "buddied" the boys over from Berlin to Greenville. What a blessing! We miss our boys a lot!!!